Album artwork by John Gay

We are happy to help you guys get the week in gear by presenting you with our latest premiere. Today we are dropping the veil on a little teaser that Antandra laced up for us to showcase what is to come on his forthcoming remix EP ‘re:Attuned’. This release will feature six beautifully orchestrated rearrangements of Antandra’s original material that was released on his debut ‘Attunement’ EP in 2014.

I have spent the last eight months working with the incredible artists featured on this album to compile my first ever remix compilation. Huge thanks to the artists involved, and a very special thank you to my partner Kelly for involvement in this project; without all of you, this would have never come to be. So grateful to each of you for your hard work and dedication.

                                                                                         – Antandra

Tucked in this brief yet beefy four minute sampler we get a taste of the remixes from Wolf Tech, Stratosphere, Soulular, White Robot, In Bloom, and Icaro which make up this release. Now we know this is just a little teaser; but don’t worry, you will be able to add each of these gems to your collection soon enough. In less than a weeks time the Summer Solstice will be upon us and ‘re’Attuned’ will be seeing its full release (Monday June, 20th). Oh and before I forget; if you were wondering why everything sounds oh so crisp, give AtYyA a hand for the stellar mastering!


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