Shake Dem (Danko Bootleg) – GTA [▲Exclusive▲]

Jay Danko is an artist that we have become particularly fond of in his road to success, despite our sole initial interest being that the word “dank” resided in his name. However, it wasn’t long after listening to this young producer’s arsenal of booty-shaking and dancefloor-romping tunes that we knew […]

My Funny Valentine (Jay Danko hypertrap Remix) – Jack Deezl [EXCLUSIVE DL]

For those of you who follow our Trap Tuesday posts, you probably recognize the name Jay Danko (he was featured on yesterday’s Exclusive Mix). He’s back  at it again with more exclusive material for you Dankles followers just in time for his show with Jack Deezl tomorrow in Philadelphia. Some of y’all may have noticed this […]