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Choosin - Pradda X Macro [FREE DL]

Choosin – Pradda X Macro [FREE DL]

A few months back North Carolina based rapper Pradda came up on my radar and since then he has been a straight enigma in my library. Just yesterday he brought us his most recent track ‘Choosin’ which features another up and coming artist, Macro. Once you get into this track you will see what it’s all about, I...
*Exclusive Premiere* Future Screw Vol. 2 - †Ɍïɭɭ $С∅†† ӇÈЯ∅N [FREE DL]

*Exclusive Premiere* Future Screw Vol. 2 – †Ɍïɭɭ $С∅†† ӇÈЯ∅N [FREE DL]

Feeling a little sluggish after mounds and mounds of potatoes and gravy soaked turkey (if that’s the route you take)? Hopefully that’s the case because we have a special treat for you guys today, a fresh batch of trill tunes all screwed up by Mr. Trill Scott Heron. Incase you missed Volume 1 you need...
Twerkin' Trap Tuesday's #10 [FREE DLs]

Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday’s #10 [FREE DLs]

As I’m sure you’re all well aware, it’s Tuesday again, and time for us to post up some traps you won’t want to miss. As if this week was any different than the last, the trapdown wave is still spreading across the EDM scene and artists are still coming out of the blue to present...