Artist Spotlight: Sunsquabi

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Boulder funk lords and good friends Sunsquabi.  Over the past five years, Sunsquabi has gone from a group of friends playing music together for fun to one of the newest additions to Griz‘s All Good Records and current support on The […]

Station Denver

Station is Art, Music and Streetwear

I’ve been hearing a bunch of cool stuff about this new streetwear gallery down in Denver called Station, so I thought I would hit them up and see what they’re all about. So what’s Station? One block from Cervantes, we’re at 2735 Welton St, Denver CO. Station is a retail and gallery space […]

Modestep talks USA, New Album, and Veggies [Video]

Diverging from the typical EDM formula, it’s been about two years since Modestep’s last major release. But rest assured, bass heads – from playing 300 shows a year, to finding new bandmates, and composing the album that truly represents them as artists, brothers Tony and Josh have not been sleeping on us. I sat […]


Desert Hearts Artist Spotlight with Marbs

Recently we have been teaming up with the crew at Desert Hearts to draw attention towards their upcoming Spring festival that will be held in Southern California from March 27th-30th. If you’re a fan of tech-house/techno and you’re not already familiar with Southern California label Desert Hearts Records it’s about time you […]

Q&A with #$ (Hash Money) + EP Release

Photo by: Ahmed Klink With the mighty reaches of the internet it’s not uncommon for talented artists to collaborate and churn out a few tracks together these days. It’s far more uncommon to see artists from two different hemispheres of sound get together and start churning out a raucous new style […]

Exclusive Interview with Jason Burns + Stream “Do Without” EP

Prolific producer Jason Burns hails from Portland, Oregon, but his musical style draws from the garage and house vibes that the United Kingdom is famous for. With an uber-successful Drake remix on heavy rotation at BBC1 and a spot on XLR8R’s “Best of 2013” list, Jason Burns is about to […]

Snowball Spotlight: Live Q&A with Option4, Keepers, and Need & Necessity

  [Link to press conference stream will be posted when live] Yes, you read correct! You are about the have the chance to chat up some of the talented artists that will be gracing the stage this weekend in Denver for this years Snowball Music Festival. With a massive line […]

‘Pondering Existence with The Mystics’ Release & Q//A – Kommon Interests [▲Exclusive▲]

Throughout 2013 we have brought you interviews with artists from all across the spectrum. From producers that draw crowds of thousands to those that have yet to see a live setting we truly love to give these talented artists the spotlight. In the spirit of the holidays we have a […]

Interview with Bixel Boys + Black December EP [FREE DLs]

Through out its long-standing history, Los Angeles has always been able to stand out from the crowd as a collective of diverse culture and ethnicity. Its far-reaching roots have served as a haven for creativity, being home to several powerhouses such as HARD, Dim Mak, SMOG and countless others. Both […]