The· Dank·els [th’uh dangk·els]: adjective: Something good or pleasing. Usually in reference to music.

The Dankles was started by three college kids looking to spread their love for music to others. We dabble in most genres, styles and movements.  Have a look around, press play on something you’ve never heard of, you’re bound to find something you love.  We are looking to grow and spread our music to others, so please pass this website on to your friends, cousins, girlfriends, your local postman, and even your dentist! Don’t be shy, if you’re a producer send us your tracks!

DISCLAIMER: We don’t not own the rights to any of this material unless specifically noted otherwise.  All material found on our website is used for promotional use only; we have no intentions of exploiting any artist.  If you would like to see content removed, please email us at or navigate to our Contact page.